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Last updated 26 July 2002

25 December 2001. The Glenbrook house is now safe following a close shave in a bushfire today. Our story and pictures are here

For regular updates on Blue Mountains bushfires visit Blue Mountains Rural Fire Service web site, although they are probably too busy fighting fires today to keep it up to date.

Read about the Christmas Day fires in The Sydney Morning Herald.

28 November 2001 - Latest house pictures posted here.

We only have 6 weeks to finish the house as Julian and Belinda will be back in Glenbrook in the 3rd week of January. This is certainly a challenge as the builder will be off for 2 weeks over Christmas.

Perhaps a tent in the garden...?

Photo: Scott Webster (SMH)
19 November 2001 - I was working yesterday on the new house in Faulconbridge when at about 2.30pm I heard a roar from the west. It just kept getting louder and then we were struck by extremely strong winds which shook the house, and then lifted up a whole pile of colourbond steel and blew it across the neighbour's garden.

When things had calmed down I rescued the tin - most of it is bent, scratched and torn to the point of being unusable. The winds also bent tin already attached to the roof.

Down the highway at Warrimoo a large tree limb had dropped straight onto power lines. The SES have closed one lane of the highway as a result.

Here at Glenbrook the children thought it was a twister and ran out, to be ordered back in by Cathy. We were without power for hours, and had tea by candlelight, cooked on the camping gas stove.

16 November 2001 - Cathy's grant for phone, fax etc for the Australian Breastfeeding Association was successful.
11 November 2001 - Glenbrook house pictures posted here.
17 August 2001. Wild winds blew a tree over, which in turn brought down our power and phone lines and pulled the power line bracket off the front of the house. Telstra and Integral Energy arrived during the night to make it safe, and we're now (at 5.30pm) back to normal. Read about the winds in the Sydney Morning Herald

I originally had more pictures, but somehow blew my page away. I'll have to rewrite it.

24 June 2001. Cameron and Brendan had their 9th birthday party at Penrith Climbing Centre
Cameron & Brendan's 2001 soccer season

2 June 2001. Cameron and Brendan's birthday. Brendan says winning today's soccer match was 'The best birthday present ever'. They are playing for Blue Mountains Soccer Club in Glenbrook this year. Here's the match report:

U9-10: BM 1 v Blaxland 0. Stephen scored his second goal for the season. Sott Neil, Scott Newton, Aden and Benjamin played excellently up front with many good attacking runs. Celia, Rachael and Cameron gave great midfield support. Mitchell played a key role in defence with Tom and Daniel stopping many great attacks. Brendan and Alec played well in the field and brilliantly in goals.

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