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Last updated 22 Feb 2004
Click for more photos of the Zone Championships
6-7 December 2003. Little Athletics Zone Championships at Lithgow. Cameron competed in 100m, 200m, 400ma and Long Jump; Brendan in 60m hurdles, 200m, 400m and Triple Jump; Alexander in 100m, 60m hurdles, 800m and High Jump. They put a huge effort in, despite wet and cold conditions, and a good weekend was had by all.
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23 November 2003. The boys attended the State Relays at Sydney Olympic Park, where Cameron and Alexander were competing (Brendan was a reserve). They all enjoyed the day, and Springwood District Athletics Club had some success, coming 1st in the U13 girls shot put/discus, and reaching the finals of at least two of the relays.
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29 May 2003. Took off to see the family in Britain and America for 6 weeks, via Bangkok. It was lovely to see my family again, and the boys enjoyed both the places they visited and meeting a whole new family whom they have never met (bar a visit from Dad when Alexander was very young).

It's taking me longer than I thought it would to post photos of the trip, but they're starting to appear here. I'm beginning with an outline of the trip and will fill it in with more photos and stories of the trip as I find time.

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18 May 2003. Held Alexander's 8th birthday party at our house for a change, with party games and treasure hunt. Generally voted a success. Andrew came up to help, and did an excellent job on the treasure hunt clues.

Other news - no soccer last weekend because of rain all week, but Angus scored 5 goals the weekend before, for a win of 5-1 against Springwood Red.

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27 April 2003. Back from Dubbo for the second weekend running. A return visit to Dubbo Zoo, this time mainly spent repairing bicycle punctures. On return, make chocolate mousse, fry steak, eat tea, clear up, unpack car, make boys' lunches, update web page. Now seeing double.
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18-21 April 2003. Back to the Warrumbungles at last. Walked around the Breadknife and Grand High Tops. See Warrumbungles panoramas here.
Click to see Angus grind the opposition into the dirt
March 2003. Angus starts playing for the Spingwood under-5 Blue Wallabies. Other under-5 teams quake in their boots.
1 January 2003. Back in Faulconbridge after a lightning trip down to Victoria. The boys and I drove down as far as Wangaratta on Saturday (where we camped) and met Cathy in Ballarat on Sunday, along with James, Adam, Sarah and Rebecca. Rebecca was looking very well for someone who's been in a head-on accident - she has an arm and a leg in plaster but isn't short of volunteers to carry her around.

The boys are still with Cathy on Maureen and Pete's farm, and I'm back up here to work. I saw in the New Year at Heidi and Ian's.

I'm sorry to report that Maureen has still not woken up, so we are still hoping for a miracle.

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