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Last updated 20 December 2002
20 December 2002. Cathy's sister Maureen was the victim of a head-on accident and is in hospital in Melbourne. She hasn't yet recovered consciousness (the accident was at 12 noon last Saturday). Cathy is in Melbourne to support her family and will not be home for Christmas. I will post any news in the forum as I get it.
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19 October 2002. An early start to the fire season. Some idiot has lit a fire at Wentworth Falls. Details are on the ABC News site. If it becomes a threat then updates will be available on the Blue Mountains Rural Fire Service web site. You can actually see the smoke on the Sydney radar at Weatherzone (you will need to register, but it's quick and easy). Photos and weather observations are here - the smoke covers the whole northern half of the sky. There may be updates on ABC News Radio (Streaming radio available)

17 August 2002. End of the soccer season. Both teams played their best ever for the final match: Cameron and Brendan's team won 5-0 against Penrith S.C. Alexander's won 6-0 against Hazelbrook.
Sports Carnival photos
25 July 2002. School Sports Carnival. Results:
Cameron: 1st in 100m heat; 1st in 200m heat (3rd best time for his age); his tug o' war team won all 3 games.
Brendan: 2nd in 100m heat; 2nd in 200m heat (4th best time for his age); same tug o' war team as Cameron.
Alexander: 1st in 100m heat; 1st in 100m final; 1st in 200m final; miscellaneous other awards in novelty events.
I'm very proud of them all! More photos here.
Soccer match reports are in their own pages: Cameron and Brendan and Alexander.
  2 June 2002. Cameron and Brendan's 10th birthday party. They wanted a bushwalk so we took 16 boys down to the waterfall at the bottom of our valley. Each child was handed a map and a notepad for answering questions, and we covered a fair bit of ground. I think it was quite an experience for some, but we also fed them well, and they went through about 9 litres of soft drink so they must have worked up a thirst. Photos later - we've returned the borrowed digital camera.

21 March 2002 - We finally moved into the new house. Last set of house pictures are here.
12 March 2002. Alexander played his first game of soccer last Saturday. His team won 3-1 and Alexander scored all 3 goals. He played like a demon, defended well and showed great ball control as well as an impressive turn of speed. Cameron and Brendan played too, and were very pleased that Alexander upheld the club's honour, as their team lost 2-0. I was very proud of them all.

For more on the boys' soccer click here.

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