Cameron and Brendan's new Soccer Team - Blue Mountains Soccer Club

The Mountain Devils

I'll add more photos as I find them. Email me if you want copies of any of the photos or to be notified if I find more. Click photos to enlarge them, and use your browser's Back button to return to the previous page you were viewing. The enlargements have captions. Let me know if I have any of the names wrong, or if you know the exact dates of the photos. The season's now over (with an enoyable barbecue blessed with perfect weather), but I'm sure the boys will be back next year. So will Alexander! [and he was]

Rachael, Celia, Scott, Scottie



Steve again

Rachael tackling

Celia & Steve on the attack

The end of the match

Cameron, Player of the Week

Post-match debrief

Celia takes a line-out

Brendan tackling

Brendan runs for the ball

Another debrief

Nifty footwork

Brendan boots it

Celia on the wing

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2002 season - back with Springwood
Blue Mountains Soccer Club - The Mountain Devils

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