2002 - Cameron and Brendan's Third Soccer Season

Here are some match reports for Cameron and Brendan's team - U10-9s. They're both finding their niche - Cameron as a fearless goalkeeper and Brendan as a speedy attacker and tenacious defender. Like Alexander's team they saved their best till last with a 5-0 victory in their last game on 17 August.

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Match Reports penned by the coach: Bruce Smith. Thanks!

18 May 2002. U10/9 (1) V (1) Penrith RSL. The whole team put into practice what they learnt. Superb block tackles and quick passes from Liam Nicholas and Rohan Vance, under pressure, started many attacking runs. Cameron Hosking displayed new skills, very unlucky in goals. Brendan Hosking a goal, from Matthew Ams pass.

19 May 2002. U10/9 (1) V (0) Penrith SC. The boys' first comp victory was well-deserved. Liam Nicholas and Rohan Vance were both strong in defence with Cameron Hosking having another blinder in goal. The forwards excelled with Joshua Paterson unlucky not to get a hattrick. Matthew Ams finally found the net after many great attacks.

Cameron was very upset to have let in that one goal, but Brendan put it right by scoring in almost the next minute. Good brotherly teamwork.

8 June 2002. U10-9 (0) V (3) Blaxland. Good defence against a team with much attacking penetration. Cameron Hosking got to the ball quickly, making some great saves. Liam Nicholas did the lion's share of the defence. Arthur Hibbard never gave up, chasing down the attackers. Sam Bason and Billy Hibbard worked well together, moving the ball forward, and supporting. Good game by Owen Thomas.

29 June 2002. U10-9 (2) V (2) Penrith RSL. The boys supported, backed up and passed well, especially in the forwards. Billy Hibbard and Brendan Hosking helped by delaying the attackers, forcing them over to the side line. Cameron Hosking, Rohan Vance and Ben Smith stopped many attacks in the centre. Matthew Ams scored, from a brilliant pass by Arthur Hibbard. Joshua Paterson a goal from a nice penalty shot.

20 July 2002. U10-9 (2) V (0) Penrith RSL. No match report, but a nice win. Goals scored by Matthew Ams and Joshua (a huge kick from some distance out). Cameron made a couple of brilliant saves. Brendan played forwards and was no doubt instrumental in victory.

20 July 2002. U12G Black (0) V (1) St Clair.
Brendan played twice today, making up the numbers with Joshua Patterson and Arthur in an under-12 team. Here's the report:
We got close today with only 10 players. Chantal Fuller made some fine saves in goals. Jacinta Standen and Rebecca Trimboli worked well together in the backs. Jaqueline Moller showed skill and confidence, and Yvette O'Reilly earned POTM for her tenacious defence. Jessica Bell, Caitlin Evans and Martine Lappan got the ball to our agile forwards, Zoe Kalos and Kaitlyn Sturges.

17 Aug 2002. U10-9 (5) v Penrith S.C. (0).
The boys kept their best for the last game of the season. Fowards dominated the game, lifted by a great goal from Arthur Hibbard. Matthew Ams scored next followed by Rohan Vance before half time. Bill Hildon came close but it was up to Matthew and Rohan to score another goal each. Ben Smith, Owen Thomas and Liam Nicholas closed down Penrith's attacks.

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