India and Nepal 1987

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in early 1987 Cathy invited me back to Australia with her, via India and South-east Asia. It took me about 0.000000001s to accept and then a few months to save up enough money for the trip. I raised about 1,000 pounds by selling car, hi-fi etc. This was enough to get to Singapore. After that I used the credit card...

Planning was largely done with a couple of Bartholomew's maps We also made great use of the Lonely Planet guides to India and South-East Asia for our trip and found them incredibly useful. If this diary is full of prices that's because we intended to send this information to Lonely Planet. We never did.

I've divided the whole diary up into a few smaller pages. I recommend you read these in order. Eventually I'll get some slides scanned and they'll see the light of day for the first time in 20 years.

Preparations (1/9/87-3/9/87)
Flying to Delhi (4/9/87)
Arrival (5/9/87)
Delhi (6/9/87-9/9/87)
Kashmir (10/9/87-12/9/87)
Dharamsala (13/9/87-16/9/87)
Bombay and Goa (17/9/87-30/9/87)
Agra (1/10/87-8/10/87)
Darjeeling (9/10/87-11/10/87)
Kathmandu (12/10/87-19/10/87)
Pokhara (20/10/87-31/10/87)
Bangkok (1/11/87-?)

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