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Class D Airspace

From 3 June 2010, the airspace around Camden (and the other GAAP) airfields has become Class D during tower hours (8am to 6pm). Strictly speaking (from ERSA 18 Nov 2010):

Operational Hours

TWR HR: MON to SUN 2200 - 0800 UTC (1 HR earlier HDS)

ATS Airspace

1. Camden CTR is class D airspace SFC to 2,000FT during TWR HRS.

2. Outside TWR HR airspace becomes Class G. CTAF procedures apply.

Curtis Aviation has published a news article on the changes, with useful links such as

  • Definition of the manoeuvring area, and the associated responsibilities
  • Phraseologies pertaining to clearances, their definitions and readback requirements
  • Practical application of the change in procedures within the Tower environment
  • Changes to flight in proximity requirements and their impact
  • Camden Aerodrome Class D operations - 18 Nov Camden ERSA FAC Link - PDF
  • Wake turbulence responsibilities
  • Additional and valuable information relating to the changes can also be found from the Civil Aviation Safety Authority website: in particular the learning modules aimed at Class D operations.
  • And also the Airservices Australia website: where pilots can access AIP Book, AIP Supplements, and ERSA.

Curtis Aviation has preparded a handout which is available in the school's office. We recommend that you discuss these new procedures with an instructor PRIOR to flying.

Please note the change in the use of the term 'sequence instruction' as per below.

Visual Approach

The term Visual Approach has come into use. It basically gives the pilot authorisation for a pilot to descend. A more detailed definition is given in AIP ENR, but for the Class D environment at Camden this will suffice. Previously, when arriving for Runway 06 or 24, pilots could descend once established on downwind and in receipt of a sequence instruction. This is no longer the case.

Descent can only be commenced once the Tower controller has issued the instruction 'Cleared Visual Approach'. A sequence instruction does not give authority to descend. Traffic permitting, a Visual Approach can be issued from as far as Mayfield, The Oaks etc, or as close as late downwind. As with all the clearances issued it will depend on the disposition of other traffic at the time.