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Citabria Quick Reference

Maximum Take Off Weight748kg
Basic Empty WeightRefer to individual aircraft flight manual
Minimum PayloadMTOW - BEW
Fuel Capacity36 US gal, or 136 litres, usable
Percentage of power, fuel flow and RPM for given altitudes
(mixture leaned to best power setting)
Power Litres/hour Height and RPM
2000' 4000' 6000'
55% 26 2225 2250 2300
65% 31 2375 2425 2475
75% 35 2500 2575 2625
Oil8 US quarts max (normally operate at 6 US quarts)
VS0 (stall with full flap at MAUW)38
VS1 (stall with no flap at MAUW)43
VX (best angle of climb)50 (use 55)
VY (best rate of climb)60 (use 70)
Cruise climb80
VFE (maximum flap operating speed)78
Best glide speed (MAUW and nil wind)60
Takeoff safety speed52
Minimum approach speed (Full flap at MAUW52
Minimum approach speed (No flap at MAUW
(Note: this is stall speed x 1.3)
Turbulence penetration speed (keeping the speed down minimises risk of structural damage)85
Maximum crosswind15

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